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Add 'Create Glitter Image' Gadget To Your Blog
24 Aug 2008

Glitter Image
Now you can add 'Create Glitter Image' gadget to your blogspot and allow your visitors to create glitter image right immediately at your blog.
This is the URL of the gadget:

Create Your Glitter Text
22 Oct 2007

Create Your Glitter Text is now available. We have more than 50 font styles and hundreds of colors for you to choose from.

Glitter Text


Create Your Glitter Image
26 Apr 2007

We've added a section called create your glitter image. Now you can create your own glitter image just within a few seconds. Just upload any image and we will create the glitter image for you right within a few seconds.
Glitter Image


MyCutePictures.com has been launched
26 April 2007

MyCutePictures.com has been launched to be your one stop source for your profile pictures. More features will be added soon. Thanks for stopping by and have fun!

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